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The Sign of Times is Here! 2021.12
2021-12-29 13:21:15

This month we discuss how our multi-port connectors and cables help ease the pain of applications in small spaces.

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    ISSUE 21
December 2021





Are you feeling the end-of-year crunch?


Much like cramming holiday shopping, last-minute projects and unused vacation time, connecting hundreds of coaxial cables demands time, space and effort. In this edition of The Sign of the Times, we will showcase a few solutions to help un-cram your connectors. Sorry, we can't help with your in-laws' gifts. 


Antennas and Cables

High-Density Options



Multi-port connectors, bundled cables, and high-density solutions have evolved from individual assemblies with multiple coaxial contacts, to provide a single connection port. The demand for these solutions is growing because they offer reduced system cost, reduced assembly labor, increased reliability, decreased size, and lower weight.



At Times, we originally started designing multi-port solutions as mil/aero solutions since these applications involved vapor sealed assemblies and could achieve significant benefits from the advantages these connectors offer. 



Today, our multi-port connectors design solutions are used in a variety of programs, including the F16, F15, F18, F22, F35, and P-8 platforms, where space is at a premium, accessibility for maintenance is tricky, and performance is mission-critical.


Our range of options meet MIL-T-81490 and MIL-C-87104 specifications and offer excellent shielding and phase stability with low VSWR and insertion loss up to 40 GHz, while permitting installation in tight density. Multi-ports are available with a variety of connectors such as M8, V8, M8E, M8M and other custom solutions. 

  • Better than 100 dB of isolation between channels
  • Available in Phase Matched, Phase trimmable, and equalized assemblies
  • Stainless Steel and Titanium (for weight savings) coaxial connectors
  • Jackscrew mating system
  • Replaceable interfaces (optional, depending on frequency and cable)
  • Hermetically sealed connector housing and contacts
  • Spring loading interfaces to guarantee complete mating and electrical performance under all environmental conditions


Mini Multi-Port

The Mini Multi-Port Connector (MMP) offers excellent service shielding and phase stability with low VSWR and insertion loss up to 60 GHz (depending on cable).

Multi-port Small

The MMP survives harsh environments where high vibration, shock, temperature and humidity can cause serious cable and system performance degradation. This system is presently used on numerous airborne applications and has logged tens of thousands of flight hours.


Learn more






TMQ4™ and TMQ5™  


The race is on worldwide to develop and deploy innovative new 5G products that promise to deliver increased peak data speeds, ultra-low latency, enhanced reliability, enormous network capacity, and increased availability. As a result of these requirements, antennas have become increasingly complex. There is pressure to minimize the size of these antennas since they are often placed in areas where people will see them, unlike the macro antennas used on traditional cell sites.

Multi-coax assemblies have also become favorites for commercial applications, including 5G. Our TMQ4 and TMQ5 bundled cable assembly solutions combine industry-standard four and five conductors MQ4/MQ5 connectors with Times Microwave’s high-end coaxial cables. It enables more connections inside even smaller spaces, where high-density antenna locations and internal connections are required to carry the higher-frequency signals needed.


Read more about TMQ4™ and TMQ5™ in AGL Magazine 

5G: Redefining the Requirements for Small Cell Coaxial Cables and Connectors





TLMP and TLMB Connectors

Our TLMP (Times Locking Miniature Push-On) and TLMB (Times Locking Miniature Blind Mate) connectors address the need for higher performance, micro-miniature RF interfaces for high data rate or board-to-board systems in military and aerospace RF applications. 

TLMP Image with DimeCrop



These new connectors overcome performance issues arising from typical SMP and SMPM connectors’ susceptibility to EMI and EMC interference, liquid and salt ingress. Their rugged, sealed design offers striking improvements over SMP connectors in these demanding use cases. They are also more durable to withstand harsh conditions and operate in severe environments.




Did You Know?


We offer over 50 different types of connectors. The range of available options goes way beyond the standard and familiar SMAs, TNC and NS connectors and we constantly create new products for today’s most challenging applications.



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